7 Common Wing Chun Mistakes

Justin sent us an email asking: What are some common Wing Cun mistakes? Although I’m sure their is a lot more, we deiced to pick out what we feel is the 7 top errors when folks decided to start learning Wing Chun.common wing chun mistakes


Mistake #1: People want to learn too fast

Gong Fu means hard work, and Wing Chun (sometimes spelt as Ving Tsun) is a style of Gong Fu.  This means you have to put in a lot of hard work before you can move onto the next level.  Do not be in a rush to learn all the forms, do not be in a rush to get to Chi Sau. Your Sifu will direct you there in good time, if you rush him or her, it will show in the quality of your Wing Chun.

We go deeper into this point in an older blog post 15 Things you need to let go of to MASTER Wing Chun.


 Mistake #2: People try and change or add to the style:

Wing Chun is a very individual style, meaning my Wing Chun is going to be different than your Wing Chun.  However, this doesn’t mean you can start changing the style to suit your needs.  For example, if I add flying side kicks into the style, it would totally change how the style works. If you are adding things that might not belong there, more than likely it means you are on a low level and do not fully understand the style.

That being said, many people have modified the style. For example, Ip Man, the Grandmaster of Wing Chun is known to change the style over the course of his life. Ip Man was a GRANDMASTER, he reached a very high level before he started to make such adjustments.

It is okay to change something here and there, just make sure you FULLY understand what you are doing and can explain WHY.

Mistake #3: You never hit anything

We are not suggesting you go around and start beating up people at the local bar. We are suggesting that you start to practice HITTING THINGS. For example, the heavy bag, a wall bag, wooden dummy. It doesn’t matter what you hit, as long as you mange to fit in some kind of resistance training into your regiment.

 A really good place to start is the 3 section wall bags from Everything Wing Chun.  It is cheap and you can hang it almost anywhere.  Once you start this type of training you will find your attacks become more powerful and your Kung Fu gets MUCH better.

Mistake #4: You do not want to get hit

Getting hit is not a bad thing (as long as you do not lose any teeth.) What we mean by this is if you Chi Sau or are training with a partner and get hit a few times, it is not the end of the world. This just means they have exposed your weakness and it is your job to correct it.  Use “getting hit” as an opportunity to improve your Wing Chun.

Mistake #5: You do not focus on your stance (also known as horse)

Everyone seems to forget that Wing Chun isn’t all hands, its a full body art. Don’t forget to incorporate horse training, such as hold your “horse stance” into your Wing Chun training.

Mistake #6: You only fight Wing Chun people

Lots of Wing Chun people seem to train to fight Wing Chun people…. Its very odd, you do not practice to protect yourself from another classmates. In fact it is very unlikely you will even run into a fellow Wing Chun’er.   Remember to incorporate studying other styles into your training. For example, if you can not find local martial artists to practice with, have your training partners throw punches similar to others styles.

Mistake #7: You think Wing CHun is the BEST style in the world.

Wrong! It is not the style, it is the person.  It doesn’t matter who you train with or the style you practice. What matters is the person.  For example, do you put in enough practice?

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  1. IP MANs GHOST December 29, 2014 at 2:30 am #

    Wrong.. wing chun is best. Number seven is lack of sparring. Hit someone and let someone hit you.. or try.
    You must start a fight to be a true fighter.
    Hit someone you think is better than you.. if you survive you are better than you thought.

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