Who are the Wing Chun Geeks?

We are just a couple of guys who like Wing Chun.  With the power of the internet we want to share as much Wing Chun knowledge as possible.  We openly discus things like Chi Sau and how to improve it, anything it takes to help you take your marital arts to the next level.

Since we consider ourselves “politically neutral” and value knowledgeable practitioners over any “one” specific linage, many different Sifu’s from around the world are willing to interview with us and share their experiences with you.

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About Mike


My Martial Arts History


As a kid, the martial arts always fascinated me. My favorite comic book superheroes were always the dudes that could kick butt with their hands and feet. I began my training in tae kwon do as a teenager and by my 20s felt I had excelled in this style, standing out among my peers. At about 25 I joined a school on Long Island headed by the Tae Kwon Do Olympic team coach, training with the team for a short time. I found the olympic style to be less than practical and competition was never my intended thrust so by my 30s I found myself looking into other styles of martial arts.


I Walked the Wrong Walk?


It’s important to note that at that time in my life, I had the belt, the confidence and the history to feel that I was a fairly accomplished combatant (a relative bad-ass). Boy, was I wrong!


Enter Wing Chun


I consider myself lucky to have found my current sifu. He is a well-known, central ‘hub’ in the modern lineage demographic. I was about 9 months into my training when I finally had to come to terms with a somewhat depressing comparative analysis: I thought, if there was a way to arrange a fight between the version of myself with 20 some years of tae kwon do experience, vs. a version of myself with only 9 months of wing chun experience, I would PUT ALL MY MONEY ON THE WING CHUN GUY!!!


The Perfect Delivery System


I’ve been with my Sifu now for nearly 10 years, and believe my true martial arts learning started with wing chun. Learning a DELIVERY SYSTEM (how to fight) must be superior to learning a pile of separate techniques, kicks, punches, blocks etc. I’m not suggesting that NO combat tactics, be it positioning, specific counters to scenarios and the like, were addressed in other styles I’ve studied, but it was not the main push. Rather, this was secondary to repetitive training of individual techniques. Concepts inherent to all southern shorthand styles of kung fu, rooting, horse, structure, ging, bridging, major combative ideas were not even mentioned in other styles I studied.


Got Wing Chun Smartz?


For me, from a ‘martial intelligence’ standpoint, when it comes to ‘practical combat’, wing chun is the only way to go.


A Very Short Story About Scott:

Scotts photo
I’ve been studying Wing Chun just a little over a decade and I can honestly say the system has had a huge impact on my life.  As a New York native I was lucky enough to stumble upon a great Wing Tsun school relatively close to my home and thats when I entered the rabbit hole.


To China and Beyond 


Wing Chun inspired me to do many things others may not consider. The main item being, moving to China and learn to speak (and write) Mandarin Chinese fluently.  During my 3 year stay in China as well as Taiwan, I was lucky enough to encounter a number of different Kung Fu styles. By chance, the school I studied  Chinese at was located down the block from  the “Shanghai University of Sport,” which was filled to the brim with Kung Fu people. In China, the teacher and/or Kung Fu person who had the largest impact on me was “Teacher Xie” who trained a version of Shandong – Chen Style Tai Chi.  Whom I can honestly say was the most frightening person I have ever met, I never imagined someone who trained Tai Chi can be so fast, powerful, and a trust master of the many attributes we Wing Chun people aspire to have.   Though this network of Chinese friends I even had the pleasure to study in “Chen Village,” the birthplace of Tai Chi.   I can honestly say despite encountering so many different styles of Martial arts, Wing Chun kept roping me back in.


Why Pump Up The Wing Chun?


I find the system to be extremely effective and very practical. As someone who believes in the pursuit of knowledge, Wing Tsun truly has limitless opportunities to exercise one’s mind and body.

Scott is the main “voice” behind Wing Chun Geeks feel free to contact him via email or : Google+

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