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Back To Basics…

Not to sure what DVD’s you should buy? Join Scott as he watches the Sil Lim Tao DVD by Sifu Sifu Vingrove A Thomas

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Sifu Leo Au Yeung Interview

Have you ever wondered what it is like to train with Ip Mans sons Ip Qing or Ip Chun? In this Wing Chun interview we sit down with Sifu Leo Au Yeung and find out what it was like.

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wing chun david peterson

Sifu David Peterson Interview

Sifu David peterson is a student of the Wong Shun Leung Lineage. If you are not fimilar with Wong Shun Leung students, his most famous one is Bree lee. Don’t think so? Check out this podcast interview and let us know your thoughts

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Interview with Sifu Danny Xuan

Wing Chun training With

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China Boxer Interview

In episode two of our Wing Chun Interviews podcast, we chat with Jin Young, a guy you might know from Youtube. He brought up some really good points about the BJJ and Wing Chun communities. He also trained with some big names such as Hawkins Cheung and Dan Inosanto. Check out the interview!

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Wing Chun Huen Sau Explained

Ever do a Wing Chun form and have no idea what the movement means? Don’t worry your not alone, thats why we took the time to help explain EXACTLY what “Huen Sau” does. Click and find out what it does.

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Wing Chun Lop Sao Drill

Can you fight like a Wing Tsun master? If not, this is a must see drill for folks who want to learn abou Wing Chun Kung Fu’s Lop Sau Drills.

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