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Retro & Awesome: Randy Williams Wing Chun DVD Set

Wing Chun is one of the most coveted forms of kung fu. Students routinely travel every year to Hong Kong and other locations to become masters in this form of martial arts. But not all have the ability to go back to the pure taproot of this ancient Chinese art. And for millions who have […]

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wing chun wooden dummy

Ultimate Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Shopping Guide

Confused about what type of wooden dummy you should buy? You’re not alone. Our readers are constantly asking us about dummies on blog.  It is not an easy decision, but we are going to help you navigate though the process with this guide. What will you learn from this Wooden Dummy guide?? Our goal for creating […]

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7 Ways To Accelerate Your WC & Kung Fu Skills

Hey all, got another interesting guest post for you.  One of my online friends, Sifu Bogdan Rosu recently started the website  Being that WC websites are few and far between, I wanted to give him the opportunity to voice his thoughts. Take it away Sifu Rosu!

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Wing Chun vs Karate Research

After a number of interview it got me thinking, if you are going to train with other styles, you better know what you are getting yourself into.   Which is why I asked Matthew Apsokardu a few questions about how he trains Okinawan Kenpo Karate and Kobudo. If you are not familiar with Matthew, for […]

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sifu sergio

Sifu Sergio: The Secret of Chinese Chain Punching Kung Fu

How big is your Wing Chun class? How many people are in it? Do all these people have similar thoughts about Wing Chun like you?  As Wing Chun people, or soon to be Wing Chun people, it is our duty to make sure we understand as much as possible about the art. By expanding our […]

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Our Strange Wing Chun Training Secret

Train Wing Chun and want to learn how to relax your shoulders? Have you ever considered trying to record yourself while training? You would be amazed at the mistakes you will see. Want to learn WHAT mistakes to look for while recording yourself?

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chan wah shun

Who started Wing Chun again?

Ever wonder aboutWing Chun History, wooden dummies, tan sau fuk sau and where it came from? We have all heard of Ip Man, but have you ever heard of Ng Chung So or Chan Wah Shun? Join as us we talk about Wing Chun in Foshan and its history.

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Back To Basics…

Not to sure what DVD’s you should buy? Join Scott as he watches the Sil Lim Tao DVD by Sifu Sifu Vingrove A Thomas

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Wing Chun Huen Sau Explained

Ever do a Wing Chun form and have no idea what the movement means? Don’t worry your not alone, thats why we took the time to help explain EXACTLY what “Huen Sau” does. Click and find out what it does.

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3 Reasons why Wing Chun Chi Sau might get you hurt in a fight

Are you looking to learn How To Wing Chun Chi Sau? Before you start rolling like crazy you have to learn 3 things on how to improve your knowledge of this training drill.

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