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James Sinclair – Master’s Class DVD: Wall Bag Review

One area I believe many WC people are lacking is well… hitting stuff…. .  If modern MMA, Thai boxers, and boxers use a number of different training tools to increase the power of their attacks, why should we be any different? After reading a positive review in WC Illustrated, the world’s largest WC magazine, I […]

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Moy Yat DVDs

Are you searching for Moy Yat DVD? Below you will find a number of different Wing Chun training dvds, all of which are made and published by the late grandmaster.   All of his videos are available in our DVD Download store , allowing you to watch it within minutes. You should note that many of these […]

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Sifu Sergio: The Secret of Chinese Chain Punching Kung Fu

How big is your Wing Chun class? How many people are in it? Do all these people have similar thoughts about Wing Chun like you?  As Wing Chun people, or soon to be Wing Chun people, it is our duty to make sure we understand as much as possible about the art. By expanding our […]

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Back To Basics…

Not to sure what DVD’s you should buy? Join Scott as he watches the Sil Lim Tao DVD by Sifu Sifu Vingrove A Thomas

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