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sifu chuk o'neil

What is it like to train Moy Yat & Wong Shun Leung lineage?

Ever wonder who that guy who teaches Wing Chun online is? Well, we managed to snatch Sifu Chuck O’Neill away from his students for our next Wing Chun Kung Fu interview!! We sit down and talk about everything from training with Gary Lam & Nelson Chan to practical Wing Tsun training tips.

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sifu mark philips

What Is Wing Chun Shadow Sparring?

Did you ever wonder what shadow sparing is? For this Wing Chun interview we discuses what it was like to train Kung Fu in London during the 80’s with Sifu Mark Philips from Wing Chun London Academy.

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chicago wing chun

Windy City Wing Chun Interview

Need a Chicago Wing Chun teacher? In today’s interview we speak with Windy City Wing Chun’s Sifu Ed Cruz from Windy City Wing Chun. We discuses his experience studying Augustine Fong Wing Chun and why we do not often see Wing Chun MMA fighters.

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Sifu Leo Au Yeung Interview

Have you ever wondered what it is like to train with Ip Mans sons Ip Qing or Ip Chun? In this Wing Chun interview we sit down with Sifu Leo Au Yeung and find out what it was like.

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wing chun david peterson

Sifu David Peterson Interview

Sifu David peterson is a student of the Wong Shun Leung Lineage. If you are not fimilar with Wong Shun Leung students, his most famous one is Bree lee. Don’t think so? Check out this podcast interview and let us know your thoughts

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Interview with Sifu Danny Xuan

Wing Chun training With

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China Boxer Interview

In episode two of our Wing Chun Interviews podcast, we chat with Jin Young, a guy you might know from Youtube. He brought up some really good points about the BJJ and Wing Chun communities. He also trained with some big names such as Hawkins Cheung and Dan Inosanto. Check out the interview!

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How To Wing Chun The Smart Way

  Sifu Doctor  John Crescione Interview Part One           Click Here To Ask Sifu Crescione Questions on Facebook Click Here To Check Out Sifu Crescione’s Website   Click Here to See Sifu Crescione Wing Chun Products Do you Want Part 2 &3?    Part Two and Three is EXCLUSIVELY for members of our mailing […]

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