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Retro & Awesome: Randy Williams Wing Chun DVD Set

Wing Chun is one of the most coveted forms of kung fu. Students routinely travel every year to Hong Kong and other locations to become masters in this form of martial arts. But not all have the ability to go back to the pure taproot of this ancient Chinese art. And for millions who have […]

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Chu Shong Tin: The Loss of a Master

Although never knew the man personally, we hope we can do the World of Wing Chun good by explaining who Chu Shong Tin was and his effect on the Wing Chun World. The Living Legacy of Sigung Chu Shong Tin With the rise of the early morning sun on the 29th of July, 2014, Sigung […]

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Should you learn Ving Tsun Kung Fu or just Wing Chun?

In Chinese there are a lot of different English spellings for well everything….  Kung Fu styles are no different. This is because at certain points of time, many spellings were not standardized in English. That is why you will see lots of different spellings of the word “Wing Chun.”  Not to mention many different teachers […]

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What is Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao?

Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao is the first form in Wing Chun Sometimes written as Ving Tsun.  When you first start to learn this section, it is not like other traditional martial arts, where you learn one form than move onto the next.  It is more of a mind set, you have to learn the basic concepts behind […]

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7 Common Wing Chun Mistakes

Justin sent us an email asking: What are some common Wing Cun mistakes? Although I’m sure their is a lot more, we deiced to pick out what we feel is the 7 top errors when folks decided to start learning Wing Chun.   Mistake #1: People want to learn too fast Gong Fu means hard […]

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Moy Yat DVDs

Are you searching for Moy Yat DVD? Below you will find a number of different Wing Chun training dvds, all of which are made and published by the late grandmaster.   All of his videos are available in our DVD Download store , allowing you to watch it within minutes. You should note that many of these […]

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mark phillips wing chun

Do you want to know about Sifu Mark Philips Wing Chun? In this blog post we wrote a quick profile about him. If you wish to learn more about him, feel free to check out our interview with Sifu Philips.  Country of residence: UK Instructor: James Sinclair Sifu Mark Phillips is a highly-devoted martial artists […]

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Do you say Wing Chun or Wing Tjun?

In Wing Chun their are a lot of different organizations and people that are involved in the art.  Sifu Sergio is the founder and of the IWKA (International Wing Tjun Kung Fu Association) and he and/or his organization helped coin the spelling “Wing Tjun.”  This is one of the worlds largest Wing Chun associations, especially in Europe. Sifu Sergio became really popular when […]

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Want to know who Leo Au Yeung is?

Do you wonder who Leo Au Yeung is? At Wing Chun Geeks we have decided to start making small profiles of popular Sifus from around the globe!  Place of birth: Hong Kong Current residence: London, UK Instructors: Yip Chun, Sam Kwok Styles: Wing chun, Hung Gar, Tai Chi, Chinese kickboxing School: Leo Chinese Kung Fu […]

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