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Chi Sau 101: How to Chi Sau better and not lose your mind….

If you have ever tried Chi Sau before you know that it is a type of training that is very complex, requiring you to do a million small actions at the same time.  When you first start, it can feel very overwhelming.   The reason for this is that you have yet to understand WHY you are learning to how to chi sauChi Sau and you might not break down each individual action correctly.   If you are anything like us, you find remembering these 10,000 small actions not an easy feat.

What you need to do is break down each action and work on them one at a time.  Possibly spending an entire training session working on ONE thing or action.   If you try and overload yourself with remember every single small detail, in our opinion, you are setting yourself up for failure.



Why Chi Sau is important?

According to Wong Shun Long, a student of Ip Man and one of Bruce Lee’s main teachers of Wing Chun, “Wing Chun without Chi Sau is not Wing Chun.”   The reason for this is that Chi Sau Bridges the gap for fighting.  What we mean by this is it trains your body to react to certain situations without thinking.  Once your hands feel a certain type of pressure or attack, your muscle memory will kick in,  you react, and defend yourself appropriately.


What is the best way to get started or improve your Chi Sau training?

how to chi sau

When you are by yourself you should consume as much knowledge about Chi Sau that your mind can hold. Which is why we made (totally for free) our 1 hour Chi Sau Formula Seminar.   The 3 part series was designed for someone who is just starting to learn Chi Sau or is looking to tighten up their technique.

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What are other people saying about our Chi Sau formula?

Great video and narration.Thank you very much for putting this together and sending it out free. I’ll be watching it many times (poor memory here), and will look forward to the next one.

–Steve Schramoko

I have been a long time student of Martial Arts. I have studied various disciplines and I have enjoyed every one of them. I studied them and employ their techniques utilizing the philosophies of Jeet Kune Do. I have a family and find myself working so much and what time I have between work and family, it leaves me with little to no energy for practice and conditioning. The struggle I have found recently isnt in learning a technique, but it in motivation. I cant wait to learn all that you have to offer from your videos. The chi sao formula videos were incredibly helpful!

–Marc Dunbar

Who teaches the Chi Sau Formula?

The two guys who run! If this is your first time here, you are probably interested in knowing who we are and what we do. To make a long story short, This site is run by us, Mike & Scott. Although we have been training WC for a while now, some like like a combined 23 years, not including any other martial arts experience which would probably bring the number up to 45 ‘ish years. That being said, we don’t claim to be the Wing Chun Masters of the Universe. We are just a couple of guys who really like Wing Chun and are happy to share our training methods. Join us and learn how to Chi Sau!

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get the one hour Chi Sau Formula seminar!

(its free…)