Want to know who Leo Au Yeung is?

Do you wonder who Leo Au Yeung is?

At Wing Chun Geeks we have decided to start making small profiles of popular Sifus from around the globe! 

Place of birth: Hong Kong

Current residence: London, UK

Instructors: Yip Chun, Sam KwokLeo Au Yeung

Styles: Wing chun, Hung Gar, Tai Chi, Chinese kickboxing

School: Leo Chinese Kung Fu Institute, London

Master Leo is a UK based martial arts teacher from Hong Kong. He started practicing Wing Chun under the supervision of Ip Man’s oldest son Ip Chun, all because his parents wanted of him to learn something about Chinese culture before they move to England. For 2 years, he was practicing with the direct descendant of Ip Man, Ip Chun, and he says that he learned the basics first, did a lot of chi sao in the beginning to get the right feeling and sensitivity, and then learned from senior students – In Hong Kong, most the time the teacher was there just to observe, direct and give the most refined tips.

When he moved to England, he started practicing under Sam Kwok, a student of Yip Chun . Sifu Kwok had a more direct approach, which helped Leo to develop his art even further.

He also met Sifu Sin Kwok Lam, who got on the idea to make a movie about the legendary Ip Man, and Leo was asked to do a small role in the movie. He went to Hong Kong in 2008, and it is then when he met Donny Yen, the actor who portrayed Ip Man in the first installment of the movie. Leo says that it was a great pleasure to work as an actor and a stunt man with Donny Yen, but that it also was an example of hard work: they worked to develop choreography for the scene 7 hours a day for 7 days!

As an experienced teacher, Leo states that there are two most important things about this martial art: first, you have to understand that this is a  short distance art, before you move forward you have to know what that means.  Thee second thing is to learn how not to use force against force,in this art we assume we are a smaller person fighting a much larger opponent.

He teaches martial arts to his students in Central London and Wimbledon, visits his masters regularly every year,  and is one of a few instructors in the Western hemisphere to teach original Ip Man System, as well as family Hung Gar style, Tai Chi and Chinese kickboxing, and also does private lessons and seminars.

Click here to for an an interview we had with him.  You can Leo Au Yeung and read the interview with this master of Ip Man’s style, Ip Man movie choreographer and “UK’s leading Wing Chun practitioner and teacher” – as Combat Magazine refers to him:


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