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Do you want to know about Sifu Mark Philips Wing Chun? In this blog post we wrote a quick profile about him. If you wish to learn more about him, feel free to check out our interview with Sifu Philips

Country of residence: UKmark philips wing chun

Instructor: James Sinclair

Sifu Mark Phillips is a highly-devoted martial artists who stop at nothing to improve their art and whose efforts get highly awarded. Mark began in mid-1980s, when he began his training under master James Sinclair, and in 1990 he became an instructor himself, leading a team of his students into winning the National Championship in 1993.

He is one of the few who has studied all aspects of Wing Chun, and the first one to complete the Wooden Dummy test. Mark is also proficient in self defense against close range weapons and is often  called to teach his skills to police officers and since his enthusiasm has no boundaries, he has officially opened his own school in 2005. His Wing Chun school is based in London, and also gives private lessons.

As one of the most talented and well trained instructors of the art in the world, Phillips had also studied the conceptual side of the art and gives his best to forward his insights to students. The truth about Wing Chun is that it is based on concepts and not on moves. The key to mastering the art is to practice with devotion, because what is really required is not to know all the moves and remember it, store them in your mind, but to let the concepts “get into your blood”. In other words, muscle memory is the key. When you start living every day with these concepts and moves, and take a decent amount of time and effort for practicing, you will gradually become better.

Mark Phillips also visits Hong Kong and China to experience Wing Chun firsthand in the country of its origin, and that experience helps him compare modern and traditional ways we observe the art. A good teacher must also take into consideration that times have changed, and Mark Phillips was into Wing Chun for the last 30 years, so he is aware of the changes and looks for the best way to apply these changes to modern students without losing the essence of the art. He has figured out that the truth about Wing Chun is that there is no superior style of Wing Chun or martial arts at all, but that we should always try to improve our own style by communicating with other people and their styles, that we should help each other improve.


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