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Are you searching for Moy Yat DVD? Below you will find a number of different Wing Chun training dvds, all of which are made and moy yat dvdpublished by the late grandmaster.   All of his videos are available in our DVD Download store , allowing you to watch it within minutes.

You should note that many of these videos were filmed at least 20-30 years ago, meaning the quality is not the greatest, but the content is top notch.  At the end of this article we recommend newer videos, made by different Sifus of the same linage.


Moy Yat – Little Details Make the Difference

Here the late grandmaster teaches you the little details often overlooked by most, if not all students.   This is the type of information that will have you bridge the gap from novice to advanced training.   Please note the quality could be better, you should watch the video clip on the video below before you decide to buy it.

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Chi Sau On The Centerline

In this video he explains the concepts and applications of Chi Sauing within the Vint Tsun stystem.   A really cool DVD for true fans of this linaage, but again, watch a clip of this DVD before you decide to go and buy it.

Watch A Part Of The DVD Here For Free


Chi Sao I

In this video the late grandmaster explains more concepts behind Chi Sau, explaining to us what it takes to get good at this partnered exercise.   Againg the quality could be better, but the information is great.

Watch part of the DVD Here


 Do you want newer and more up to date videos? 


If you are looking for a more up to date version of Moy Yat Linage we recommend watching Sifu Chuck O’Neills DVDs. He provides very clear instruction with up to date filming technology.

Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sao Set

In this Video series Chuck O’Neil gives very in-depth instruction about how to learn Chi Sau. The first DVD deals with leaning beginner technique, and the second DVD goes into advance technique. This is a great DVD if you are learning Chi Sao, easy to understand and great Kung Fu instruction.

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Chuck O’Neill – Sil Lum Tao Set

In this Video Set Chuck teaches you everything you need to know about starting to learn Sil Lum Tao, the first form in Wing Chun. If you are new to Wing Chun, this is the first video you should buy.  He goes into how to learn the first form, as well as the drills a beginner must learn.

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Chuck O’Neill – Chum Kiu Collection

Similar to the pervious DVD set, this bundle goes into how to learn Chum Kiu, the second form in Wing Chun, and the drills that are associated with it. The instruction is very clear, filming quality is great.


Click here for the Chum Kiu DVD bundle


If you have any questions about Moy Yat DVD or any other Wing Chun training dvds, you are welcome contact us or check out our reviews section.   We want to make sure you buy the right DVDs, not waste money on stuff you do not need. Please feel free to get in touch with us.



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