Nike Metcon vs. Reebok Nano 4.0

In Nike Metcon and Reebok Nano 4.0, athletes and fitness fanatics have a training partner that they can really rely on. Reebok Nano 4.0 has been around for some time and has enjoyed a monopolistic hold on the cross-fit shoe market for a while. Nike however, saw a space they can fill and released the Nike Metcon to give Reebok a run for their money in the cross-fit shoe market.

These two competitors form the subject of review for this article. As per custom reviews, these two are pretty much the same as they are both rated highly. If these reviews are biased or objective, it is left to the discretion of customers and thus they might not be fully relied upon.

Let’s see how they stack up against each other.


Reebok Nano 4’s

Minimal heel-toe drop: Yes, 4mm

Hard sole: Yes, also including forefoot and heel pods to provide more cushion and shock absorption.

Durable outer: Yes, a protective lining for protection in all environments and also including a rope protection wrap.

The lowdown: It’s a durable shoe, supportive, and made for exactly what it says: the sport of fitness. The customize options also make having this common shoe fun as you can design one that is specific to you. The 4.0 is definitely the best fitting of the Nano series, as the 1.0 and 2.0 were a little wider in the toe.

Nike MetCons

Minimal heel-toe drop: Yes, 4mm

Stiff sole: Yes, including a firm flat heel and grooved forefoot design. MetCons are built to provide stability on heavy lifts, while also maintaining protection for rope climbs and day-to-day wear.

Durable outer: Yes, reinforced for support with running, sprints, and rope climbs.

The lowdown: CrossFitters around the world are either hungry for change or eager for new trends. Nike has released 2 MetCons have had two releases since they broke ground in this segment and they have sold out instantly. They’re doing a great job creating a demand for the shoe and have gotten great reviews thus far. Time will tell if the MetCon will serve as a mainstay in the fitness shoe rotation, thus far, they’ve been praised as a more supportive shoe during heavy lifts. Though Nike has released Metcon 2 which is much improved from Metcon 1, it fails in long distance races.


According to Amazon, Reebok Nano 4.0 costs $38.28 – $139.98, against Nike Metcon’s price of $74.00 – $229.77. This variance may be explained from the point of view that Reebok’s Nano 4.0 has been in the market for sometime where Nike’s Metcon is pretty new in the market.

So based upon pricing, it comes down to how much a customer is willing fork out to get a pair of trainers.


The Nano is time-tested. It’s been through the brutal CrossFit Games. It’s taken down the myriad of events that are thrown out each year and there’s a reason the CrossFit community has adopted it as their own. But does it perform better than the Nike Metcon?

Looking at what customers are saying about these shoes, both the Metcon and Nano perform as a shoe should. They don’t slide they have a low heel drop, feel secure on many different surfaces and don’t rip when used on rope climbs.

Customers using the Nike Metcon, find it favorable as they don’t have to change training shoes when performing other exercises. Thus, Nike’s Metcon comes across as a one shoe for all kind of exercises.

Based on performance, it’s more or less the same. Reebok Nano has been around for quite some time and thus it might easily stand out to be the default winner in this match up. However, if looking for a single shoe that will go with any exercise, Nike’s Metcon would be the prudent choice.


This aspect seems to be the main difference thus far between the Reebok Nano’s and the Nike Metcon’s. Word from the Nano camp, is that it’s worth its salt in different terrains and weather and still perform as it just got off the shelf. Though this may be written off as coming from Nano’s die-hards, those in the Metcon camp site multiple cases of the rubber attached to the toe, ripping. There is also complains of them being slippery when wet.

Also, Nano’s have been used a ton, considering they have been around longer, by a whole lot of people and many hold up for a long time, especially based on the conditions they were put through.

So, as far as durability goes, the Reebok Nano takes the number one spot.


Looks are very subjective. There are some shoes that are absolutely hideous. However, through the use of the inter-webs it’s pretty easy to gain a collective understanding of what people like–and don’t like and people like, in-fact, they love their Nike Metcons. In fact, CrossFitter’s are clamoring so hard for the Nike Metcon that it’s constantly sold out.

Thus as far as looks go, it is simply to each his/her own.

In conclusion, one can’t go wrong with either shoe as both shoes perform well and are expected to continue performing at top-notch for an extended period of time. Really, it comes down to which feel the best to you personally, and which ones you like the look of the best.

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