wing chun wooden dummy

Ultimate Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Shopping Guide

Confused about what type of wooden dummy you should buy? You’re not alone. Our readers are constantly asking us about dummies on blog.  It is not an easy decision, but we are going to help you navigate though the process with this guide. What will you learn from this Wooden Dummy guide?? Our goal for creating […]

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Rayan Lam Interview: How does Gary Lam run his school?

After Gary Lam’s interview I manged to sit down with Rayan Lam, Sifu Lam’s son.  We have a pretty interesting conversation about how they run their school and shared a few pretty cool stories.    Hope you enjoy it!

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How to apply WC Kung Fu to your daily life with Sifu Murat Kaplan

In this interview I managed to sit down with Sifu Marat Kaplan. If you are not familiar with him, he has been featured in WC Illustrated magazine and is a student of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.   Lets get the interview started:     Can you tell us about your training? I became interested in the […]

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7 Ways To Accelerate Your WC & Kung Fu Skills

Hey all, got another interesting guest post for you.  One of my online friends, Sifu Bogdan Rosu recently started the website  Being that WC websites are few and far between, I wanted to give him the opportunity to voice his thoughts. Take it away Sifu Rosu!

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WC, Muay Thai, JKD with Sifu Michael Quijano

I had a really interesting interview with Sifu Michael Quijano.  He was a professional Thai Boxer, studied with Moy Yat, Jessie Glover, Victor Koo, and lots of other well known marital artists.  I found Sifu Quijano to be a super nice guy, who tells it how it is. Lots of fun chatting with him, check […]

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Wing Chun vs Karate Research

After a number of interview it got me thinking, if you are going to train with other styles, you better know what you are getting yourself into.   Which is why I asked Matthew Apsokardu a few questions about how he trains Okinawan Kenpo Karate and Kobudo. If you are not familiar with Matthew, for […]

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Robert Chu Interview

Our Interview with Sifu Robert Chu was super interesting and has caused me to rethink how I train WC & Kung Fu. Super interesting stuff with lots of great knowledge to take advantage of.  If you are not familiar with Sifu Chu, he is also a student of Hawkins Cheung and regularly writes for WC […]

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wing chun vs hung gar

Wing Chun Vs Hung Gar Mindset

I thought it would be interesting to start expanding the interviews beyond just WC people. After all it is very unlikely that you are going to fight or compete with a WC guy or gal. For this interview I managed to get Sifu Pavel from He is a full time Hung Kyun teacher and we were […]

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gary lam

Gary Lam Interview

We managed to lock down Gary Lam for one of our interviews. He is a student of Wong Shun Leung who is very well known in the United States, if not the entire world. If your into the podcast Gary Lam’s son, Rayan Lam, was kind enough to fill in for farther for the audio […]

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hung fa yi

Hung Fa Yi Interview

We keep hearing about Hung Fa Yi and wanted to learn more about the  lineage.  Which is why we sat down and managed to get a written interview with Sifu Savi Kruich, a Hung Fa Yi practitioner. Since we are a politically neutral site inviting all types of lineages to tell us what they are all about, […]

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