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James Sinclair – Master’s Class DVD: Wall Bag Review

One area I believe many WC people are lacking is well… hitting stuff…. .  If modern MMA, Thai boxers, and boxers use a number of different training tools to increase the power of their attacks, why should we be any different? After reading a positive review in WC Illustrated, the world’s largest WC magazine, I […]

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Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

Grandmaster Samuel Kwok Interview

For this interview we manged to sit down with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, someone who manged to study with both of Ip Man’s sons. if you scroll down a bit you can read the transcriptional of the interview or you can download/listen to the audio interview  from the media bar below.  Want our FREE 1 hour Chi Sau course?  Yes? […]

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sifu sergio

Sifu Sergio: The Secret of Chinese Chain Punching Kung Fu

How big is your Wing Chun class? How many people are in it? Do all these people have similar thoughts about Wing Chun like you?  As Wing Chun people, or soon to be Wing Chun people, it is our duty to make sure we understand as much as possible about the art. By expanding our […]

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phillip romero

Phillip Romero Interview: What is it like to study with Hawkins Cheung?

  **Please scroll down for a transcription of this interview**        Want our FREE 1 hour Chi Sau course?  Yes? Enter your email below:     Email:           Cliff Notes/Transcription: STARTS HERE

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sifu sergio

Sifu Sergio Interview

Ever wonder how Wing Chun spread around the wolrd? We speak to the founder of IWKA Wing Chun, Sifu Segio.

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sifu chuk o'neil

What is it like to train Moy Yat & Wong Shun Leung lineage?

Ever wonder who that guy who teaches Wing Chun online is? Well, we managed to snatch Sifu Chuck O’Neill away from his students for our next Wing Chun Kung Fu interview!! We sit down and talk about everything from training with Gary Lam & Nelson Chan to practical Wing Tsun training tips.

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Our Strange Wing Chun Training Secret

Train Wing Chun and want to learn how to relax your shoulders? Have you ever considered trying to record yourself while training? You would be amazed at the mistakes you will see. Want to learn WHAT mistakes to look for while recording yourself?

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sifu mark philips

What Is Wing Chun Shadow Sparring?

Did you ever wonder what shadow sparing is? For this Wing Chun interview we discuses what it was like to train Kung Fu in London during the 80’s with Sifu Mark Philips from Wing Chun London Academy.

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chan wah shun

Who started Wing Chun again?

Ever wonder aboutWing Chun History, wooden dummies, tan sau fuk sau and where it came from? We have all heard of Ip Man, but have you ever heard of Ng Chung So or Chan Wah Shun? Join as us we talk about Wing Chun in Foshan and its history.

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chicago wing chun

Windy City Wing Chun Interview

Need a Chicago Wing Chun teacher? In today’s interview we speak with Windy City Wing Chun’s Sifu Ed Cruz from Windy City Wing Chun. We discuses his experience studying Augustine Fong Wing Chun and why we do not often see Wing Chun MMA fighters.

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