Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 vs 3.0

Keeping your body in the fit shape that you want it to be in can be hard work. Not only does it require you to put in the long hours of physical exertion, but it can also be mentally taxing. Repeating the same exercises over and over again can make your workouts feel longer than they really are.
Working out the same muscles constantly can actually be counter-productive. If you’ve ever seen anybody who looks strong and muscular, but doesn’t have cardiovascular endurance or agility, you know what I’m talking about. This is especially true for sports such as martial arts. Including variety in your workouts will increase your strength, agility, and overall fitness.
Crossfit is increasingly becoming one of the top ways that athletes from all backgrounds are fitting diversity into their workouts. Crossfit is especially beneficial for martial artists, as it builds the muscular and anaerobic endurance that is essential to many forms of martial arts.
Due to the high intensity of crossfit workouts, it is advised that you invest in a specialized set of crossfit shoes. The wrong pair of shoes can quickly take you one step closer to being injured. Let’s take a look at two of the top rated crossfit shoes on the market, the Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 vs 3.0
Company Background

Reebok is a trusted name in athletic footwear and has been for over a century. With shoes designed for everything from running to crossfit to basketball, Reebok delivers high quality workout shoes.
Their company has been around since 1845 and has consistently evolved with the times to keep creating the best products possible. Two of their top crossfit shoes are the Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0 and the Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0.
The Crossfit Nano 3.0 is a classic when it comes to crossfit shoes and has been a best seller. The Nano 4.0 has managed to improve on an already impressive workout shoe and is a fierce competitor to be the best crossfit shoe. As cross-fit specific shoes have become more and more popular, Reebok has created some of the best shoes for crossfitters to use.

Both shoes are similar in price and can cost around $84.95. While the price varies based on the retailer, this is the standard price that you will most likely find. Given that they both are top of the line, their price is a good deal. Purchasing a brand new pair off of Amazon can cost up to $150.00, but most retailers will have both these shoes for significantly cheaper.

The Nano 3.0 features midsole protection and a protective wrap to keep your feet from getting injured. It also is designed with cross-fit workouts specifically in mind. Because of this, it gives your feet the flexibility they need to comfortably complete cross-fit workouts.
It also is designed to give your ankles the support they need during high intensity workouts. Another great aspect of the Nano 3.0 is that it reduces heat from building up as you work out.
Reviewers for this product have really loved the mixture of comfort and cushioning that the Nano 3.0 brings them. Click here to see a video highlighting the unique features of the Nano 3.0.
The Nano 4.0 takes all these great qualities and enhances them. One key feature that the Nano 4.0 has is that it has toe wrap designed to increase your foot protection. It also features midsole protection and improves on the 3.0 by offering soft cushioning and foam. The extra cushioning and foam will make the shoe fit even more comfortably and adds extra support.
The only downside to the Nano 4.0 is that it is slightly heavier than the 3.0, weighing 9.7 compared to the 3.0’s 9.4. Several reviewers who also had the 3.0 mentioned that they felt the 4.0 had all the great features of the 3.0 and was also stronger and more durable. Click here for a video going over all of the Nano 4.0’s features.

On Amazon the Nano 3.0 had a 4.5 rating with 323 customer reviewers. The Nano 4.0 had a 4.5 rating with 679 customer reviewers. With over twice as many reviews, the Nano 4.0 shows why it is a great crossfit shoe.

The Nano 3.0 was considered to be one of the most reliable cross-fit shoes out there, but the Nano 4.0 took a great product and made it even better. At a similar price, the Nano 4.0 has more features than the 3.0 and will last much longer.
The Nano 4.0 has comfort, cushioning, and support that are ideal for cross-fit workouts. With these shoes, your crossfit workouts will take on a new feel as you continue getting stronger and stronger.

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