Reebok Nano 5 VS Nike Metcon 2

CrossFit is a rigorous and demanding routine. Your workout area’s equipment needs to be in a top-notch condition in order to let you go through the routine without hiccups. And your personal apparel and gear isn’t an exception. For effective CrossFit training, you’ll need to have shoes that have the ability to cope up with the exhaustive drills. This simply means that your shoes should be able to bear the heavy wear and tear they come across while you run, carry out body-weight movements and perform the martial arts related movements. There are a lot of brands out there producing and marketing their CrossTraining shoes. However, you’d want to go with a pair that not only helps you carrying out the routines with comfort but also carries the backing of a brand that people trust!

The Background

Reebok is one the pioneers in producing CrossFit training shoes. It’s a brand that millions trust for sports goods and apparels. However, Reebok’s closest competitor – Nike – is also upping the ante and is now producing CrossFit training sneakers. Reebok is in the business of making sports sneakers since 1895. Nike debuted in the 1970s but has given its competitors a run for their money since inception. In our opinion, Reebok comes backed with a century of experience while Nike is a vendor of innovations.


The CrossFit shoes that we’ll be discussing are the Rebok Nano 5 and the Nike Metcon 2. The Reebok Nano 5.0 is available at the Reebok official website for $ 99.99. On the other hand, the Nike Metcon 2 sneakers cost $ 130.00 on the official Nike US Website. It is important to mention that the Nano 5 debuted with a price tag of $ 145. It is available at a reduced price because of the Nano 6 that recently made its way to the shelves. Nike, on the other hand, has it stable at $ 130 since the debut and you can further customize your shoe by paying a $ 15 top-up. The shoes come in standard box packaging and each package contains a pair wrapped in a protective paper sheet.

Reebok Nano 5 Vs Nike Metcon 2

The Nano 5 and the Nike Metcon 2 come with features that enhance and stabilizes your CrossFit training routine. Here’s a comparison of both these shoes to help you make an informed decision.


The Reebok Nano 5’s upper has been crafted from DuPont Kevlar mesh. This allows streamline airflow while ensuring supreme durableness. Integration of the DuPont Kevlar Mesh fiber is the biggest upgrade in the Nano 5 from Nano 4. The main upside of having this mesh wrapped around the outer of the shoe helps to protect your feet from any intense movements, such as deadlifts, that you might be doing during your CrossFit routine.

The upper area of the Nike Metcon 2 is also built with the proprietary Nike Flywire cables. However, this isn’t the best upgrade which the Metcon 1 received from its predecessor. The outer of the shoe is somewhat similar to Metcon 1 and like other CrossFit shoes, it offers better wind flow while a tightened grasp to insert the fitting feel.

Weight and Comfort:

The Nano 5 weighs 9.7oz. This ensures that your shoes won’t be creating a hindrance while you get into the rigorous routines such as bench presses and weighted crunches. There’s an elastic strap in the shoe inner that helps to lock your feet and give a feeling of a perfect fit. The shoe tip has been redesigned to be thinner that eradicates the feeling of thick stuff lurking around your toes.

The Nike Metcon 2 weighs 11.7oz. In our opinion, this is a bit heftier for lean CrossFit routines. However, like the Nano 5, there’s an inner rubber grip that runs from toe to the tip. This helps you feel confident when you are making swift martial arts moves.


The Nano 5 offers superior stability with a newly designed shoe sole. The sole is rigid from the outside and that allows the athlete to push their weight in any direction during rope skipping or weightlifting. Also, as mentioned earlier, the inside elastic grip running from the tip to toe is also one of the factors that enhance this shoe’s stability.

The whole idea of the Metcon 2 was somewhat based on removing the stability related flaws that were overlooked in the Metcon 1. The Metcon 2 now comes with a stability heel clip and a wider base to zero down on foot twists. Also, the Metcon 2 comes with a flex-rigid sole. This is meant to avoid the sudden slips when exercising.


We’ll rate the Reebok Nano 5 as 4.5 / 5 due to its excellent and robust features.

The Nike Metcon 2 will be given a 3.8 / 5 rating because Nike still has to work on the weight of their trainer.


Reebok Nano 5 and the Nike Metcon 2 are excellent CrossFit training shoes. However, if we were to choose one, our choice will be the Nano 5 due to its completeness. Nike has come a long way and we believe that the next Metcons might be the perfect CrossFit shoes!

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