What is Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao?

Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao is the first form in Wing Chun

Sometimes written as Ving Tsun.  When you first start to learn this section, it is not like other traditional martial arts, where you learn one form than move onto the next.  It is more of a mind set, you have to learn the sil lim taobasic concepts behind this level of Wing Chun before you are allowed to move onto the next form or level. 

What are some of the ideas and concepts you will learn? 

This is the basic building blocks of the system  do not be surprised if you remain on this level for YEARS.  Many people believe you can master Wing Chun in a few years, this is not true.  A good Sifu or Kung Fu teacher will never move you onto the next level until you are truly ready.

One major idea that you will learn is “how to move forward.” In Wing Chun we are always trying to move forward, find a gap in your opponents structure, and attack.    This notion of moving forward does not only apply to fighting it also applies  to life. In life, are we not always trying to move forward? Always trying to reach the next level at our job or buy our family a bigger house?

Another major concept you will start to learn is “center-line theory” and “Wing Chun gates.” We explain these two concepts in great length in a different blog post, check it out by going here.

Do all Sil Lim Tao Forms or Wing Chun styles look the same?

No. Wing Chun is considered a very individual style.  Generally speaking, each Grandmaster of each linage tends to put their own spin on the style.  Which is a good thing, by the time the style is passed onto you, you will not be restricted by an others skill set. My Wing Chun will be different than your Wing Chun.


What do the other forms look like?

Below is an example of Grandmaster Yip Man, also written as Ip Man, performing the first form.

This style is what has spreed most rapidly around the world, what most people know as “Ip Man Wing Chun.”


Below is an example of Grandmaster William Cheung performing a “traditional Wing Chun form.”

Although this short description will not do it justice, as you can see the emphasis is different. His style is much more about moving around and protecting yourself from attacks to the face.  You may wish to note, William Cheung is a student of Ip Man.


Here is a video of Sifu Wong Nim Yi of Mai Gei Ving Tsun.

As you can see the style is different than the previous two videos.


The point we are trying to make is it doesn’t matter what style of Wing Chun you train or what version of Sil Lim Tao you learn. What matters is that you find a good teacher and you PRACTICE what you learn. Their aren’t many secrets in Martial arts, just train hard.


Do you currently train Wing Chun? If so, what form are you learning?

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