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Do you say Wing Chun or Wing Tjun?

In Wing Chun their are a lot of different organizations and people that are involved in the art.  Sifu Sergio is the founder and of the IWKA (International Wing Tjun Kung Fu Association) and he and/or his organization helped coin the spelling “Wing Tjun.”  This is one of the worlds largest Wing Chun associations, especially in Europe. Sifu Sergio became really popular when […]

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Sifu Sergio: The Secret of Chinese Chain Punching Kung Fu

How big is your Wing Chun class? How many people are in it? Do all these people have similar thoughts about Wing Chun like you?  As Wing Chun people, or soon to be Wing Chun people, it is our duty to make sure we understand as much as possible about the art. By expanding our […]

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Sifu Sergio Interview

Ever wonder how Wing Chun spread around the wolrd? We speak to the founder of IWKA Wing Chun, Sifu Segio.

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