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7 Ways To Accelerate Your WC & Kung Fu Skills

Hey all, got another interesting guest post for you.  One of my online friends, Sifu Bogdan Rosu recently started the website addicted2wingchun.com.  Being that WC websites are few and far between, I wanted to give him the opportunity to voice his thoughts. Take it away Sifu Rosu!

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Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

Grandmaster Samuel Kwok Interview

For this interview we manged to sit down with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, someone who manged to study with both of Ip Man’s sons. if you scroll down a bit you can read the transcriptional of the interview or you can download/listen to the audio interview  from the media bar below.  Want our FREE 1 hour Chi Sau course?  Yes? […]

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What is Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao?

Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao is the first form in Wing Chun Sometimes written as Ving Tsun.  When you first start to learn this section, it is not like other traditional martial arts, where you learn one form than move onto the next.  It is more of a mind set, you have to learn the basic concepts behind […]

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Want to know who Leo Au Yeung is?

Do you wonder who Leo Au Yeung is? At Wing Chun Geeks we have decided to start making small profiles of popular Sifus from around the globe!  Place of birth: Hong Kong Current residence: London, UK Instructors: Yip Chun, Sam Kwok Styles: Wing chun, Hung Gar, Tai Chi, Chinese kickboxing School: Leo Chinese Kung Fu […]

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Our Strange Wing Chun Training Secret

Train Wing Chun and want to learn how to relax your shoulders? Have you ever considered trying to record yourself while training? You would be amazed at the mistakes you will see. Want to learn WHAT mistakes to look for while recording yourself?

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Sifu Leo Au Yeung Interview

Have you ever wondered what it is like to train with Ip Mans sons Ip Qing or Ip Chun? In this Wing Chun interview we sit down with Sifu Leo Au Yeung and find out what it was like.

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China Boxer Interview

In episode two of our Wing Chun Interviews podcast, we chat with Jin Young, a guy you might know from Youtube. He brought up some really good points about the BJJ and Wing Chun communities. He also trained with some big names such as Hawkins Cheung and Dan Inosanto. Check out the interview!

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Wing Chun Huen Sau Explained

Ever do a Wing Chun form and have no idea what the movement means? Don’t worry your not alone, thats why we took the time to help explain EXACTLY what “Huen Sau” does. Click and find out what it does.

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3 Reasons why Wing Chun Chi Sau might get you hurt in a fight

Are you looking to learn How To Wing Chun Chi Sau? Before you start rolling like crazy you have to learn 3 things on how to improve your knowledge of this training drill.

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sil lim tao

What Is The Best Way To Sharpen My Wing Chun Skills?

We know that you want to bring your Wing Chun to the next level and we are going to tell you how to do it. There is one form, one mindset, that is more important than all the rest. Sil Lim Tao…. Yea the first one, if you think jumping around from form to form […]

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