The Battle For The Best CrossFitter – Nike Metcon 2 VS Reebok Nano 5

The battle of the best CrossFit shoes isn’t toning down anytime soon. The Nike Metcon 2 VS Reebok Nano 5, in our opinion, is an apple-to-apple comparison.

Let’s get into it and see what each of these have to offer for the fitness enthusiasts.

Nike Metcon 2: The Good and the Bad

Nike went on with the Metcon 2 to get rid of the earlier flaws. The flaws were mainly related to stability.

The Good:

Metcon 2 comes with a reengineered heel sole that has now become firmer and drastically improves body balance and stability.

Added elastic sock liner that helps in gripping the feet firm. This reduces any unforeseen tripping.

Broader flooring that now helps people with wider feet use them without much hassle.

Ideal for weightlifting and static CrossFit Routines

The Bad:

Durability is a reported issue. These shoes won’t really stand a chance against exercise routines that require rigorous feet movement like running or rope climbing.

These shoes aren’t very comfortable. Some of the seasoned athletes and amateur CrossFitters have observed awkward pressure mounts.

Too broad for a Nike. This is a good and a bad at the same time. Folks with narrower feet struggle with the fit.

Should You Go For It?

A definite yes if you are into weight lifting and static crunches. Not recommended for frequent runners, rope and rock climbers.

Reebok Nano 5: Experience But Is It Innovation?

Well, the Reebok has been around for 1895 and they were probably the first ones to launch a purpose built shoe for CrossFit routines. The Nano series has been the best-sellers to date. Completely re engineered from the Nano 4, the 5 comes with its own strengths and weaknesses.

The #Love:

Mesh is made from the strongest fiber – The DuPont Kevlar. No question on the durability and breathing space.

Perfectly cushioned from tip to toe for the best handling of body balance during static and dynamic routines.

Outsole material is rugged to inject strong defense against wear and tear.

The Not-So-Lovely (Won’t really term it hate)

Raised heels result in squeaks and squeals. A major turn off for folks who love their shoes silent when concentrating on getting fit.

The conventional Reebok Fitting issues. Yes, a size 10 might not fit an actual 10 because of their broader flooring design. Sometimes, the sizes are too small and at times, too large. Reebok really needs to find a way to get rid of this sizing stigma!

With the tongue designed narrowed and a bit of cushioning removed, some athletes have observed sock slipping resulting in bare ankle rubbing against the insides.

Should I Get Myself a Pair?

Definitely yes if you want a durable all-rounder CrossFit partner that last long and help you lift weight and run without the fear of twisted ankles. And you shouldn’t if your shoe is narrower or you like perfect fits.

The Bottomline:

Both the shoes have their own strengths and weaknesses. In case, you are looking for a trainer that you can wear when you are weightlifting etc, then it’s the Nike Metcon 2 you should go with. The Reebok Nano 5 can be your choice if you follow an exercise routine that involves a lot of running and rope climbing.

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