What is Vietnamese Wing Chun?

Are Vietnamese Wing Chun forms different than mainstream Ip Man style Wing Chun?

Sifu Sergio is known for researching lots of Vietnamese Wing Chundifferent Wing Tsun styles from around the world. One of the many places that he has traveled to was Vietnam. While he was there; he filmed a lot of different videos.  If you want to learn more about Sifu Sergio, remember to check out our interview with him.

In this blog post, I have included few different videos I feel help represent Wing Chun from Vietnam. Many of the Videos are from Sergios Youtube channel, but not all of them.


What is the Chi Sau Like?

Below is a video of Chi Sau from Vietnam.  If you watch it appears to be much more relaxed than what we are used to from Ip Man style of WC.   It almost reminds of Tai Chi Push hands, but they add Wing Chun elements.

How do they train the wooden dummy?

How they train the dummy also appears to be different. As we can see in the video below, they are much more about “feeling” and relaxing.  There was one thing I noticed:

From my understanding Wing Tsun from this area was influenced from Hung Ga. Since Hung Ga is a style that includes lots of larger powerful attacks, I am not surprised the dummy has lots of different marks. If you listen to the video, you’ll hear that the Sifu teaching actually modified the dummy to move like that. It makes you wonder, what was the style like before the modifications from this teacher?

Are any of the attacks different?

In this video you can see what some would argue as Hung Ga influences.   It is unheard of in Ip Man style Wing Chun to go from Bong Sau position to a groin attack.   It really makes you wonder “what other styles of Wing Chun are out there?”


How to they play the first form?

It appears to be very relaxed, although I noticed he was not in much of a stance.  Many forms of Ip Man Wing Chun are also performed “loose,” but they are always in a deeper stance.   It makes me wonder do they keep a deep stance or is this preferences of this practitioner?


Here is another video of a class of Vietnam Wing Chun students.  I like this video because you get an idea of how they train.  You can see their movements are somewhat bigger than what you might be used to from a Ip Man perspective of Wing Chun, yet they keep a slender horse designed for close range combat.



After watching Vietnamese Wing Chun forms and training drills videos, I feel I need to see more. You really need to get your hands on people to see what they are all about. You cannot write off a style without experiencing it yourself.   There was many times where I Chi Sau’ed someone who is “loose and very relaxed” and yet I still lost the match.   I look forward to meeting someone who trains this style of Wing Chun.

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  1. Adrian December 26, 2013 at 12:40 am #

    Hi i want to study martial arts abroad, and I want a very genuine experience. Where do you think I should go and how do I contact them ?

    • Scott October 6, 2014 at 11:52 pm #

      Google & email 🙂

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