Should you learn Ving Tsun Kung Fu or just Wing Chun?

In Chinese there are a lot of different English spellings for well everything….  Kung Fu styles are no different. This is because at certain points of time, many spellings were not standardized in English. That is why you will see lots of different spellings of the word “Wing Chun.”  Not to mention many different teachers will change the name of the style for branding purposes.Ving Tsun Kung Fu

For example, the teacher Leung Ting, spells Wing Chun differently, he prefers to spell it as “Wing Tsun.” Whenever you see a school with “Wing Tsun” above its door, you know it is more than likely one of his branch schools.

We are not sure who coined the term Ving Tsun Kung Fu, but for some reason its often associated with  Grandmasters Ip mans student, Moy Yat. His style or brand of Wing Chun is very well known in the North East of the United States.    

Just keep in mind, although we use the word “brand” the styles are different. They are both considered Wing Chun, but they emphases different aspects of the style. For instance, the stance might be different.

Does it really matter what style you want to learn?

What matters most is that you find a good teacher. It doesn’t matter if it is Ip Man style or some other type of Wing Chun.   If your teacher cannot explain to you how to take your kung fu to the next level, does it really matter what style you are learning?

Another thing you may wish to note is that many higher level Kung Fu people study from more than one person.  They encounter many different Wing Chun lineages and styles before they are able to reach a higher level. The reason for this is that, each style has something different to offer.

One style might be more be interested in sparring, while another is better at teaching how to Chi Sau.  Each Wing Chun Sifu or teacher will offer you a different part of the puzzle and it is up to you to put it together.

Do these styles of Wing Chun Chi Sau the same?

 It depends, but usually yes. If the style of VIng Tsun Kung Fu comes from a branch of Ip Man linage, more than likely they will Chi Sau fairly similar.  Only the lesser known styles tend to Chi Sau differently, for example the styles that originate from mainland China or Vietnam.

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