WBVTS – Lesson 02a – Basic Training Stance

WBVTS – Lesson 02a – Basic Training Stance


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Teacher: Sifu Wayne Belonoha

Lineage: Ip Man -> Moy Yat -> Sunny Tang -> Wayne Belonoha -> You

System: Ving Tsun System

Course: Complete 108 Step Moy Yat / Sunny Tang Ving Tsun System

Level: 1 – White Sash

Step/Lesson: Steps 02 & 14 of 108

Topic: Basic Training Stance

Resolution: HD 720p (1280×720)

Learn the one legged stance, the Ving Tsun neutral stance and how to root incoming force into the ground so you cannot be pushed backward.

Learn amazing skills and balance – never slip, fall, or twist an ankle again. Learn the base skills that translate directly into jamming, angling, and leg trapping skills.

Learn the drill that Bruce Lee named as his favorite exercise. The one-legged stance will improve your core strength like no other drill. No need for sit ups or expensive training devices.

You can also get this lesson as part of the following cost-saving bundles:

• Sash Bundle – White Sash

• Skills Bundle – Leg Skills

This course comes with a supplementary .pdf. Please check your Documents folder after downloading.

Go deep! With this video series you will learn all the small details required for mastery instead of what is typically presented on video – a superficial glossing over of each technique. With true understanding and practice mastery can finally be yours. Countless customers have marveled over the high quality instruction and overwhelming detail given by best-selling author Sifu Wayne Belonoha – often calling this series “the best and most complete martial arts videos on the market”. Try this video and see for yourself – little details make a big difference.

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