Do you say Wing Chun or Wing Tjun?

In Wing Chun their are a lot of different organizations and people that are involved in the art.  Sifu Sergio is the founder and of the wing tjunIWKA (International Wing Tjun Kung Fu Association) and he and/or his organization helped coin the spelling “Wing Tjun.”  This is one of the worlds largest Wing Chun associations, especially in Europe.

Sifu Sergio became really popular when he started his Youtube Channel.   He travels the world documenting lots of different Wing Chun styles.   From what I understand, when he encounters something really special  he does his best to study and learn that style of Wing Chun.  

The biggest misconception with him is that lots of people believe that he becomes the student of everyone he interviews on his journey. From what we understand this is not true, he is somewhat picky and only trains with those who can help him complete the puzzle of Wing Chun.

Sifu Sergio started the organization because of his travels, he believes that all the answers in Wing Chun cannot be found in one single Wing Chun linage.  Since he has completed and studied a number of different WC styles, he started his own method that embodies the idea that one must study many different lineages to fully understand Wing Chun. theory.

The most well known system he has studied and completed is Leung Ting’s Wing Tsun system.    Leung Ting is a student of Ip Man, who later started his own marital arts organization. This doesn’t limt what he has studied, from what we can gather he has completed at least 4 different types of Wing Chun. If you want to see a more accurate encounter, feel free to check out our interview with Sifu Sergio.


What is the IWKA? 

The IWKA is the association that Sifu Sergio started. Its head quarters is located in Hong Kong, making it one of the few Kung Fu schools that are owned and run by a foreigner.  What I found very interesting about this organization is that they do not just learn fighting  they learn how to fully embody Kung Fu.  Learn how to use it to reach their goals and move forward in their lives.


Watch the video below to get a better idea of what this organization is about:


I really like the ideology of Sifu Sergio and his Wing Tjun association. I could not agree more, often one needs more than one person to show them the way. With Kung Fu, it is no different. When you learn ANYTHING you have to hear it from lots of different people. When you first start to learn math, your teacher explains it to you in School, when you go home your mother helps with your homework and explains it to you again.   Why should Win Chun be any different? 

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